New video! Agonistic Character Displacement

 Posted by at 1:18 am on June 20, 2011
Jun 202011

Here’s another new video for you. In this video, my advisor (Dr. Greg Grether) talks about a seldom-studied evolutionary process called agonistic character displacement, or ACD. Basically, ACD is a process by which aggressive interactions between species (like fighting) can drive evolution in those species. In the video, you’ll see a remarkable example of ACD in Mexican damselflies in the genus Hetaerina (the featured research was conducted by Dr. Chris Anderson, now a postdoc in our lab, and Dr. Grether).

This was an interesting piece to make – other than the interview footage and the animations, the content of the video came from other sources. There are some beautiful still images by Dr. Grether, Chris Anderson, J. P. Drury, Andrew Chao, and Patrick Green. The video clips were shot by Dr. Grether. And the music, once again, was graciously provided by the talented Dan Warren. Here’s the video:

Agonistic character displacement from Day's Edge Productions on Vimeo.

Despite the disparate sources of content, I think the video came together well. I’d love to know what you think! This video, like Nate’s recent video with Joris van Alphen about dietary adaptation in Ibiza Wall Lizards (Podarcis pityusensis), was submitted to the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) video contest, and both videos will be shown at the NESCent Evolution Film Festival, which will take place at the annual Evolution meeting in Norman, Oklahoma tomorrow night! If you’re at the meeting, please be sure to check out the film festival and vote for our films if you like them! The film festival takes place tomorrow (Monday 6/20) from 6:30 to 7:30 in Boomer Room A&B.

If you aren’t at the meeting, you can see all of the videos entered in the NESCent Evolution Film Festival here. There are some great entries (including “Climate Change and Evolution in the Columbian Ground Squirrel” by our friend Carin Bondar)!

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