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 Posted by at 3:58 pm on April 19, 2011
Apr 192011

We’ve had two bits of exciting news yesterday. First, my research on anoles was highlighted on the National Geographic blog, along with the Day’s Edge film “Who’s Your Neighbor.” I also did a radio interview with Boyd Matson for National Geographic Weekend (click on the link below to hear the interview!).

Audio: Neil Losin’s interview on National Geographic Weekend

Yesterday’s second bit of news was that the pilot of Wild Life: A New Generation of Wild launched at! You can watch the 15-minute pilot episode below. I recently blogged about the team’s visit to my field site to catch lizards, and as promised there’s a short segment featuring Neil and the crew catching anoles. Ian Shive and Wild Collective did an amazing job producing the pilot – the cinematography is beautiful, the editing is great, and the whole production has just the right feel. It really makes you want to get out there and have outdoor adventures of your own! I recommend watching it in HD and full screen to appreciate the amazing cinematography.

Wild Life: A New Generation of Wild Premiere Episode from Wild Collective on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi, I just discovered your site and found it quite interesting. I am a nature enthusiast who has lived in Miami for 20 years. The anoles are fascinating to see and study. One (or 2) species that I wonder about are the Hispaniolan (yellowish) and ‘Florida’ (speckled grey/white) bark anoles. For years I have observed both species existing in the same locations. In fact a few weeks ago there were 3- (2 ‘Florida’ and 1 Hispanolan) within a foot of each other on a trunk in Bayfront Park. How can these, even more similar than the browns and crested, sustain populations? It seems to me that the Hispaniolans are slightly larger (maybe eating different foods?)…What do you think?
    On a different note, usually where browns and cresteds are found together, ‘ve noticed the browns stay near and on the ground, while cresteds like the large trunks. Of course, I’ve seen both types on the same wooden fence in Coconut Grove!

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